How did I develop a crypto service for Tableau Server

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What is this project about?

Tableau Server is an on-premise data analytics and visualization platform. Customer can deploy bits in their own data center, or in AWS, Azure, and GCP.

There are two categories of passwords within a Tableau Server cluster:

  • User input passwords, which are entered by users
  • AWS key
  • smtp passwords
  • Windows runas user password
  • Server managed passwords, which are randomly generated by server

  • jdbc password
  • Postgres admin password
  • ZooKeeper password

So the passwords I’m talking about is not the password for someone’s server account. The latter ones live in a table of the cluster’s PostgreSQL database and are already encrypted.

The current version of Tableau Server (v10) stores all the passwords in plain text in a configuration file, which is distributed among machines.

The new version of Tableau Server also stores all passwords in plain text, but in a Znode in ZooKeeper, as I described in this blog.

The project is about developing a crypto service that encrypts passwords before persisting them somewhere, and decrypts passwords into memory when server uses them, so that no more clear text secrets live in Tableau Server. The new service should support both our old monolith JRuby app and our new service-oriented server architecture.

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